-Summer and Fall Specials-

Authentic Italian Cuisine & Fresh Local Seafood


Prix Fix   Three courses $20.00

from 4:30- 10 PM   Seven night per week

Soup or Salad  Choice of entree

Dolci de Giorno

Monday-1/2 priced select bottles of wine

Thursdays-Half off martinis and margaritas in the bar and lounge all night

Fridays- Ladies' Night- half price drinks for ladies all night in bar and lounge.

Saturday-Live entertainment



Bruschetta (2)


Summer and Fall Menu

  • -Primi Piatti-First Course

    Pappardelle Bolognese $18.00
    Bucatini della Nonna $19.00
    Pasta Sempflice $15.00
    Tortellini di Fromaggio $18.00
    Pollo con Pesto Penne $18.00
    Pasta Mediterranean $18.00
    Risotto Mare e Monti $20.00
    Risotto Con Scallops $22.00
    Cannelloni $25.00
  • -Secondi Piatt- Second Course-

    Pollo o Vitello $22.00
    Roasted Tomato-mushroom Marsala
    Veal Chop
    Black Angus Filet Mignon $28.00
    Black Angus Filet Mignon $23.00
    Cioppino $26.00
    Grouper-Mussels Livornese
    Lobster Tail: Single $26.00
    Lobster Tail: Twin $36.00
    Surf and Turf $36.00
    Sea Bass Meditrranean $28.00
    Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon $22.00
    Side Dishes: Sauteed baby spinach con agilo $4.00
    Side Dishes: Pasta del giorno $4.00
    Side Dishes: Broccoli rabe con aglio e olio $4.00
    Side Dishes: Patate del giorno $4.00
    Side Dishes: Risotto del giorno $4.00
  • -Insalate-Salad

    Hail Caesar $7.00
    Dario Flatbread Insalata $11.00
    Insalata di Caprino $12.00
    Insalata con Gorgonzola $9.00
  • — Antipasti – Appetizer —

    Minestra del Giorno $4.00
    Cozze (Mussels) al Vino Bianco $10.00
    Seared Sea Scallops $13.00
    Oysters Rockfeller $14.00
    Tradizionale Bruschetta $9.00
    Calamari Fritti $9.00
    Polenta Napoleone $9.00
    Torre di Melanzane $10.00
    Prosciutto con Caprino $12.00
    Caprese di Como $11.00
  • -Dolci-Desserts-

    Tiramisu $6.00
    Cannoli $6.00
    Torta di Formaggio $6.00
    Sorbetto al Limone $6.00
    Torta di Lava al Cioccolato $6.00
    Spumoni $6.00
    Tartufo $6.00
    Gelato dells Casa $6.00
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Learn Italian at Dinner

Trattoria: (tra-tto-ree-ah)a particular type of restaurant where you can enjoy the local, traditional dishes of the area. Trattoria are less formal and less expensive than a traditional restaurant. - Dario
Buon appetito (have a good meal): (boo-on app-èt-it-oh) before a dinner with friends say this to the whole company and expect the same answer in return. it is a blessing for the meal to come. - Dario
Apri il vino (open the wine bottle): (ah-pree il vee-noh) a good glass of wine to accompany your meal. - Dario
Cin! or Alla Salute!: (cen) (alla sa-loo-teh) the Italian toast, like saying "Cheers!" - Dario
Ne voglio ancora: (neh voh-lio an-ko-rah) Is there any seconds? - Dario
La specialita' della casa (the restaurant specialty): (le speh-cee-ah-lee-tah della ka-sah) use this expression to ask for the dishes characteristic of the restaurant. - Dario
Cameriere, il conto per favore (waiter, please the bill): (ka-meh-ree-eh-reh il kon-toh per fa-voh-reh) after a good meal you can use this expression to call the waiter and ask for the bill. - Dario
La lista dei vini (the wine menu): (la lee-sta dei vee-nih) ask it to choose the wine most suited to your meal. - Dario
Aperitivo (the aperitif): (ah-peh-ree-tih-voh) this is the best way to introduce the meal. - Dario
Agriturismo (farm resort): (agree-too-ree-smoh)taste the most genuine Italian dishes here in the countryside surrounded by nature. - Dario